A Mobile Application for Trip Generation and Parking Rates Manual

Doha, Qatar
November 23, 2020

Crown Consult has developed a mobile application for the Qatar Trip Generation and Parking Rates Manual. The mobile application provides access to Trip Generation and Parking Rates for single and multiple land-uses.

Users can query spatial data through a mapping interface that contains land use regulations. A hierarchical search tool for land use classification allows the user to identify the matching categories for the intended development and to obtain trip generation and parking demand estimates. Comprehensive graphs and tables provide the user with the information in a seamless visual manner.

Investors, developers, and consulting companies can take advantage of this application to identify permitted land uses, expected number of automobile trips, pedestrian walks, or public transportation use as generated by the site under consideration for development and maximum expected parking demand.

The application can be used for single and multiple land use developments. It considers internal capture and pass-by trips, as well as public transport accessibility.

This mobile application will surely enhance trips impact planning and parking generated by new developments in both:

  1. Nearby transportation network and facilities, and
  2. The site’s inner network and facilities

It is expected that the QTGPRM and its mobile application will enhance safety and mobility in Qatar, resulting in better planned transportation infrastructure and facilities that incorporate into the existing urban fabric. This includes better planned Drop-off/Pick-up, Transit Stops, Sidewalks, cycleways, internal roads, loading/unloading bays, driveways, paths, parking lots and valet parking, as applicable to the new land development.

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