Safer Roads, A Collective Responsibility: An Unexpected Visit

Doha, Qatar
August 8, 2020

Crown Consult received on the 8th of October 2020the visit of a Television Production Team working on a new commercial, to inform the population about the new assessment of the road environment to estimate the degree of protection that the road offers to its users (drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists) through the International Road Assessment Program.

The promotional material is part of the communications campaign being develop by MOTC Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Department (TERS) and showcases Crown Consult personnel working on their daily duties and is used to explain how modern tools (360 degree cameras and LiDAR technology) have been used to capture the characteristics of over2,100 kilometers of roads in Qatar. The information is then used on the iRAP assessment to produce the famous star rating for road protection scores, by our personnel in coordination with the University of Zagreb, recognized as Centre of Excellence in Global Road Infrastructure Safety by iRAP.

In addition to the iRAP assessment, Crown Consult is also working on MOTC’s institutional strengthening of the Road Safety Unit’s capabilities to accomplish a drastic reduction of at least 50% of road deaths and injuries within the next 10 years. This follows Qatar’s signature of the second Decade of Action from United Nations resolution A/74/L.86 and is in line with the National Road Safety Strategy.

The assessment includes zones with significant levels of pedestrians and school crossings as a first step to make them safer for our kids and prevent children from being inured.

Drivers need to understand the high degree of vulnerability of children and pedestrians crossing the road, their priority as road users, and the proper etiquette that needs to be observed. Driving is not a right but a privilege, the life's of others are at stake every time you drive

Dr. Mustafa Aldulaimi from Crown Consult.

The assessment targets the development of clear understanding of what went wrong during past collisions and develops tools and systems to assess, monitor and correct safety issues from the design of new roads, during their construction and while in operation.

The new safety systems are only a part of the solution, accomplishing UN’s target takes of responsible and attentive driving, requires the inclusion of sufficient visual clues on the roads to alert drivers in advance of what is expected from them, and needs of remedial works to reduce the severity of unavoidable vehicle collisions.

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