Making Qatar’s Roads Safer

April 6, 2020

Crown Consult is currently partnering with transportation authorities in Qatar to deliver an update of the International Road Assessment Program, whilst enhancing road safe analytic capabilities within the Ministry of Transportation.

When completed, this project will deploy novel tools to study how each action impacts the safety performance of a road segment (road protection scores), how road designs can be assessed for safety prior construction, how databases of historical collisions and road protection scores can be used to guide safety hardware deployment and modifications on speed and other road characteristics, what needs to be done to secure high safety standards on pedestrian crossings and school zones across Qatar.

Accident investigations will be visited with newly developed table-based applications to collect information and ensure proper understanding of the collision circumstances, which is then used to adjust strategies and mechanisms to reduce to a minimum road collision, especially those that result with injuries and fatalities.

With so much road construction going on, drivers can easily be confused. Having the right guidance is key to provide sufficient clues to drivers of what to do and how to behave while traversing road construction zones. Crown Consult is developing a mobile application to check compliance with Temporary Traffic Management Measures to make sure contractors deploy adequate precautions to avoid accidents.

Crown Consult is also providing equipment for iRAP assessments (monitoring and data collection), which will allow MOTC to conduct new assessments without the need to hire external consultants.

Crown Consult's experience in road safety is being deployed to ensure Qatar sets a world example on safety. For Road Safety Solutions, Crown Consult is the right partner.

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