Trip Generation and Parking Rates

April 16, 2020

For many decades, transportation engineers preparing impact studies have relied on foreign trip generation manuals which don’t reflect the local culture, misrepresent trips, ignore local land uses, provide biased predictions of demand for the transportation network serving the proposed land development, do not adequately capture the split of travel demand across modes of transportation, fail to identify parking demands and lays unnecessary burdens on both, developers and  governments. Crown Consult has partnered with the State of Qatar to develop the new Trip Generation and Parking Rates Manual, which is based on data collected by our surveyors, over nearly 3 years, from approximately 1800 sites during weekdays, spanning across more than 100 land use types and observing modes of transportation, parking and travel demands during peak mornings, middays and afternoon hours, and in some cases, during the weekends.

The new manual provides accurate and reliable trip generation and parking rates that account for all cultural particularities and local land uses in Qatar, supporting quick estimation of demand and modes of transportation.

Interested in estimating trip generation or parking rates? contact us and we will be happy to support your needs.

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