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Explore the solutions presented in some of our selected projects for the Transportation, Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Project Management and Supervision disciplines.


Using transportation engineering and planning best practice to achieve balanced transport systems, safe and efficient traffic flow, and sustainable cities, from site access designs to travel demand management programs, public realm enhancements and transportation master planning.

  • Transportation Master Plans.
  • Transport Assessments and Traffic Impact Studies.
  • Transportation Asset Management Systems.
  • Transportation Modeling and Travel Demand Forecasting.
  • Traffic Surveys Trip Generation and Parking Surveys / Automated (ATC) / Manual Classified Counts (MCC) and Turning Movement Counts (TMC).
  • Traffic Simulation: Micro, Meso and Macro.
  • Traffic Signal Design and Traffic Diversion Plans.
  • Site Access Strategy, Analysis and Design.
  • Signal Timing Program Design.Site Travel Plans and Post-Implementation Monitoring.
  • Parking Demand and Supply Evaluation and Analysis.
  • Parking Layout and Circulation Design.
  • Parking Management. Parking Control System Evaluation / Recommendation.
  • Pedestrian Circulation Assessments.

Infrastructure and roads

Planning and design of roads and utilities, including Storm Water, Sewerage, Irrigation, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Electrical, Telecommunication and Street Lighting. Roads Geometric Design: Alignments, Profiles, Cross Sections, Earthworks.

  • Roads Geometric Design: Alignments, Profiles, Cross Sections. Earthworks.
  • Potable Water System Review/Design.
  • Sewerage Review/Design.
  • Storm Water System Review/Design.
  • Design of Pavements: Flexible and Rigid. Deterioration Models and intervention effectiveness
  • Road Signage and Pavements Marking Design.
  • Interchange Design – All Categories.
  • Intersection Design – Signalized and Unsignalized Junctions and Roundabout.
  • Terrain Modeling and Site Leveling Design.
  • Street Lighting System Review/Design.
  • Electricity System Review/Design.
  • Fire protection Review/Design.
  • Irrigation System Review/Design
  • Telecommunication System Review/Design.
  • Preparation of as-built Drawings and Plans.

Construction Supervision and Project Management

Initializing, planning, executing, controlling, and closing works to achieve specific objectives and attain definitive success criteria within the allotted time and budget.

  • Construction Supervision of Wet and Dry Infrastructure: Pipes, Roads, and Landscape projects.
  • Preparation of Tender Documents (RFP, TOR, etc.) and support clients during awarding process.
  • Ensuring contractors implement QA/QC procedures.
  • Management of construction activity tasks, from mobilization to project completion and handover.
  • Project supervision deployment and requirements as per consultancy services agreement terms.
  • Supply of senior supervision staff with significant experience in contracts and project planning.

Urban Planning & Landscape

Preparation of Studies, Guidelines, Statistics, Calculations and Demographics for City planning and urban development. Design of aesthetically appealing smart landscapes that encourage wellness.

  • City Master Planning.
  • Urban Development Studies.
  • Development Master Plan Layouts and Documents.
  • Urban Design Guidelines and Policies.
  • Master Plans for Subdivisions.
  • Single Plot Development Applications.
  • Population Statistics, Calculations and Demographic Profiles.
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