Shores of Karbala

Shores of Karbala

Location: Karbala, Iraq
Client: Bloom
Area: 2000 Ha
Total Trips: 87,000 Total Two Way Trips



  • Transportation Master planning & Impact Studies
  • Roads Design (Concept, Preliminary, Detailed)
  • Infrastructure & utilities Design (Storm water drainage, Sewerage, Irrigation, Potable Water, Street Lighting, Electrical & Telecommunication Networks)


Project Description:


  • Crown Consult was hired to prepare the concept, preliminary and detailed design of 20 Km Sq. of roads and infrastructure development within Karbala City in Iraq. A comprehensive Traffic Modeling and Traffic Impact Study was prepared as part of the transportation study.
  • Detailed geometric design (horizontal and vertical alignments), signage & road marking schemes and pave- ment design were done. In addition, detailed infrastructure and utilities design for the development including various services such as storm water drainage, sewerage, irrigation, potable water, street lighting, electrical and telecommunication networks was prepared.