Qatar University Transportation Master Planning

Project Description

Qatar University (QU) is the nation’s leading higher education institution. To support its growing popularity and success (QS-World Universities ranking 276 in 2019) the university has embarked on a major expansion program leading to a near doubling of the campus footprint by 2030. Crown Consult has developed the QU Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to help realize the ambitious and comprehensive Concept Master Plan 2030. The TMP provides a balanced package of cost-effective, attractive and efficient transportation interventions to deliver seamless movement of people to/from and within the campus. Centered on leading edge people mover technology it aims to provide a phased transition towards a more liveable and sustainable campus.

The TMP has been prepared in six stages:

  1. Problem definition and strategic design approach
  2. Benchmarking against current international practice relating to movement frameworks for campus environments
  3. Development of a multi criteria analysis (MCA) tool and initial interventions long list
  4. Stakeholder and senior management optioneering workshops followed by detailed option sifting
  5. Preparation of alternative intervention packages
  6. Final preferred package (prepared in parallel with short-term and intermediate phase measures).
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