Traffic Access Improvements for Al Maqta and Abu Dhabi Gate Area

Project Description

Crown Consult has been commissioned by Musanada to develop road access improvements to the Al Maqta and Abu Dhabi Gate areas. The sector, informally referred to as “Between the Two Bridges”, encloses several Abu Dhabi’s leading tourism sites including the historic Al Maqta Castle, Al Maqta Bridge and the Shaikh Zayed Bridge.

The primary objective of the study is to enhance vehicular flows between Al Maqta Area and Mussafah while also:

  • Enhancing Connectivity to the E20 Highway
  • Increasing Accessibility to Surrounding Developments
  • Reducing Traffic Congestion
  • Improving Road Safety.

Crown Consult’s proposed solution took into consideration the fast developing nature of the sector, which houses numerous tourism attractions, internationally acclaimed hotels, restaurants, embassies and government offices, and to balance the needs of major development projects such as the Al Maqta Channel.

Crown consult also provided construction supervision during the implementation of the improvement works.

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