TwoFour54 Zone 1

Project Description

Twofour54 Zone 1 will be a shared media production and post production facility that includes a training zone, retail space, residential apartments, hotel, office and areas of public space. Twofour54 Zone 1 will be located within the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, which it self is an area within the broader Mina Zayed Waterfront Masterplan area.

With an overall gross floor area of 250,000 m2, the development is expected to generate about 3,500 trips in it speak hours of generation. An efficient public transport system is envisaged to reduce the reliance on private vehicles to access the development.

Around 4,000 on-site parking spaces will cater for the parking demand of the residents and visitors of the development. Shared Parking schemes and strategies have optimized the use of the parking facilities and reduced the need for allocation of unnecessary space for parking. Parking Management Systems are to be implemented to ensure an effective operation of the parking facilities within the development.

Crown Consult undertook the Traffic Impact Study of the development in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport’s standards and guidelines.

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