thrive and rise

why us

At Crown Consult, we believe our greatest asset is our people and our most valuable investment lies in their professional development. Our coaching program boosts junior personnel capabilities, while we seek to further nourish their potential through industrial training and participation in continuous learning activities. Seasoned directors guide senior personnel who, in return, coach university graduates in a chain of professional development that boosts proficiency, knowledge, and skill-building, making us one of the most competitive young consulting firms

Our Culture

Our company culture centers around rewarding our employees for their outstanding performance. We believe that the acknowledgement of any employee’s hard work results in more productivity and leads to a better service quality and, ultimately, client satisfaction.

Current Openings

From fresh university graduates to seasoned professionals, Crown Consult often requires new talents to satisfy its client engagements and ensure exempt services. Join us now and be part of delivering some of the most prestigious projects. For up to date information of current openings, please check our linked-in page, or contact our human resources department at