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We are committed to a business that follows rigorous ethical, professional, and legal standards. We seek to provide a service that is transparent, strictly monitored, and that bears the hallmark of international best practice, as evidenced by our achievement of ISO 9001 certification.

We ensure that…

  • Reports, manuals and presentations
  • Analytics tools and software
  • Workshops and training sessions, and
  • Blueprints and calculations

… all undergo strict internal protocols, including peer reviews, to ensure technical and graphical design quality, clear and logical content, and seamless communication of the final design solutions to our clients.


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and to playing our part in protecting and preserving the planet.  We aim to ensure that the resources that we have benefited from remain available for future generations, and to create a better, prosperous future for all.

We recognize that the way in which we operate impacts the environment, and are committed to integrating sustainability into our decision-making and business activities worldwide.

Our business practice specifically targets reduction of waste generation, efficient use of energy, and responsible resource consumption. We continuously seek to develop and improve our environmental awareness, through implementing an Environmental Management System that complies with the international ISO 14001 standard.


We are committed to a safe, risk-free work environment as we prioritize health and safety in our business practices and operation.

The well-being of our employees and visitors is paramount, and this why we implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that complies with the international ISO 18001 standard.


Crown Consult has always contributed to community service and has been eager and proud to offer support to numerous recognized charitable organizations and through investment in the education of future generations.

We have utilized our resources to serve the community and will continue to carry out our mission to make a positive difference.


To extend our presence as a preferred multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy on a global scale while continuing to deliver a professional legacy of which we can be truly proud.


Integral to our long-term success is our commitment to meet the needs of our clients and partners, together with our wider responsibilities towards the community, the continuous development of our employees, and our commitment to protect the environment.

We offer our clients exceptional engineering and planning services by:

  • Providing expert advice
  • Utilizing the latest tools and technology
  • Presenting pragmatic solutions while at the same time harnessing creativity and originality to establish new industry best practice
  • Providing cost effective solutions with an emphasis on quality, integrity, and sustainability.
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