E 15 Project

Project Description

Crown Consult was appointed by SALFO, on behalf of the main client, Musanada, to carry out Transportation Infrastructure Planning (TIP) for part of E15 Road between Ghayathi and Al Ruwais, located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. The corridor is the main connection between Ghayathi City (mixture of residential, industrial, and agricultural zones) and Ruwais City in the North and Arada City in the South.

Crown Consult's services included:

  • Identifying the existing and future proposed land uses within the Study Area
  • Identifying existing and future traffic conditions
  • Reviewing current and proposed transportation infrastructure
  • Selection of a Preferred Option of transportation measures in accordance with Abu Dhabi transportation impact assessment guidelines
  • Completing operational analyses for key road sections, junctions, and interchanges for year 2020 and 2030 inclusive
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